Nastya Miro

​ I took part in many combined exhibitions in  Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Frankfort on the Main, Vienna, Paris. Besides there were some personal exhibitions in Moscow and Kiev.

Solo exhibitions:

  2011. Personal exhibition in the Black Dog Gallery (Moscow) - “Realism in contemporary art”

  2011. Personal exhibition in the House on Patriarshiy (Moscow) - “Around the world in a hot air balloon”

  2012. Personal exhibition in the Black Dog Gallery (Moscow) - “Introspection”

  2014. Personal exhibition in the Gantanhao Exclamation Art Space (Beijing) - “Look to the East”

  2016. Personal exhibition in the Total Art Club (Moscow) - “Look to the East”

  2018. Personal exhibition in the NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY (Moscow) - “Look to the East”

  2018. 6 Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (Parallel programme) The “Noise project”

  2018. Personal exhibition in the Anastasia Bushuyeva Gallery XVI  - “India” (Moscow)

  2018. Personal exhibition in the Sochi Art Museum “Noise” (Sochi)


 Group exhibitions:

   2016. Group exhibition in the La Cremaillere (Monaco) - Exhibition dedicated to ex-Minister of State of Monaco Mr. Michel Roger.

  2017. Group exhibition at the Moscow Manege (Moscow) – “Near”

  2017. Group exhibition in the Artis Gallery “Private area. The keyhole rules” (Moscow)

  2018. Group exhibition in the POP UP MUSEUM (Moscow) “Russian-Chinese seasons 2018”

  2018. Exhibition of the finalists of the Untitled Prize competition in the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum (Moscow).

  2019. Group exhibition in the Artstory Gallery (Moscow) “Traveling through dreams”

  2019. SELECTION Art Show in the Touchon & Co Gallery (Los-Angeles)

  2019. Group exhibition at the A.S.T.R.A. Gallery grand opening (Moscow)


 Art fairs:

  2016. Art-Monaco art fair (Monaco)

  2017. Amsterdam art fair (Amsterdam)

  2017. Scope Art Miami Beach (Miami)

  2018. World Art Dubai (Dubai)

  2019. Scope (New-York)


Nastya Miro

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